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  • - Encourage concentration, confidence and achievement through the acquisition of basic skills of the korean archery
  • - Provide opportunities for self-reflection through understanding mindset
Number of Attendees
  • - 30 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
15 - 15 - 30
Activity contents
  • - Learning the basic techniques of Korean archery
  • - Training by each group, basic skills, learning how to play Korean archery, training the basic posture, 30m individual competition, challenging 145m etc.
Class Time Contents Remarks
1st 120min OT and safety training, introduction and audio-visual training of the korean archery Uljugun
2nd 120min Etiquette education, Korean archery field safety rules, archery basic posture education
3rd 120min Understand korean archery, review basic posture, and send arrows to 30 meters target
4th 120min understand how to compete and make the traditional bow
5th 120min 30m individual competition and team competition
6th 120min 145m Target Challenge
7th 120min 145m Target Challenge, Completion Ceremony
Session Date Location
Spring Class 1 Mon. 16:00~18:00 (7 times) Uljugun Gohunjung
Fall Class 1 Mon. 16:00~18:00 (7 times)
  • - Participating in more than 5 times, submiting assignment and review
  • - Can not sports wear & sandle