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First Aid


  • - Enhancing safety awareness for students living in environments where safety hazards exist, such as laboratories
  • - Enhancing community spirit and thoughtfulness by learning basic concept of first AID
  • - Providing the information of risk counterplan for the safety in view of mental and physical healthcare 
Number of Attendees
  • - 160 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
40 40 40 40 160
Activity Contents
  • - Korean Red Cross First Aid general course
  • - First aid theory and practice 12 hours, producing training videos for each team, Mental Healthcare Special Lecture
Class Time Contents Remarks
1st 75min Purpose and necessity of first aid, emergency actions Korean

2nd 75min Respiratory system and circulatory system heart attack
3rd 75min CPR
4th 75min How to use AED
5th 75min Airway obstruction
6th 75min Tissue Injuries and Bleeding
7th 75min Dressing and Bandaging
8th 75min Injuries to Muscles, bones and joints
9th 75min Addiction(ingestion, inhalation, contact, injection)
  • - Theory class could be changed to practice-oriented according to circumstancess
  • - Korean Red Cross certificates is given when you attend whole time
Schedule(period, location)
Session Date Location
Spring Class 1 Fir 14:30~15:45 (9times), 20people Class room
Class 2 Fir 16:00~17:15 (9times), 20people
Summer Class 1,2 14:00~17:00 (4times), 20people x 2classes
Fall Class 1 Fri 14:30~15:45 (9times), 20people
Class 2 Fri 16:00~17:15 (9times), 20people
Winter Class 1,2 14:00~17:00 (4times), 20people x 2classes
  • - Participating in more than 7 lectures and passing team assignment
  • - Comfortable wear and a pen
  • - As little makeup as possible