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  • - Improving self-control ability and order consciousness through learning the basic skills of archery
  • - Giving the opportunity to improve concentration and self-control ability demanded by scientists
Number of Attendees
  • - 120 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
60 - 60 - 120
Activity Content
  • - Learning the basic techniques of archery
  • - Training by each group, basic skills, learning how to play archery, training the basic posture, variant game by each team, 20m individual competition, challenging 30m etc.
Class Time Contents Remarks
1st 75min OT and safety education of archery field Ulsan Nam-Gu Sports
Council Archery
2nd 75min Introduction of archery and
basic posture education
3rd 75min 10m target hitting
4th 75min Balloon popping in teams
5th 75min 10m target hitting
6th 75min 20m target hitting
7th 75min Team tournament
8th 75min Individual competition 30m final tournament
Schedule(period, location)
Session Date Location
Spring Class 1 Tue. 14:30~15:45 (8 times) Lecture room and
UNIST Archery Field
Class 2 Tue. 16:00~17:15 (8 times)
Class 3 Thu. 14:30~15:50 (8 times)
Class 4 Thu. 16:00~17:15 (8 times)
Fall Class 1 Tue. 13:00~14:15 (8 times)
Class 2 Tue. 14:30~15:45 (8 times)
Class 3 Thu. 13:00~14:15 (8 times)
Class 4 Thu. 14:30~15:45 (8 times)
  • ※ Subject to change due to operation circumstances
  • - Participating more than 6 times, (If requested) submitting report or review
  • - Any comfortable sports wear