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Sport Climbing


  • - Indoors and outdoor sport education, encouraging challenge
  • - enhancing practical ability to use the surrounding, improving body control
Number of Attendees
Spring Summer Fall Winter
- 30 - -
Activity Content
num Time Content Remarks
1 90min Basic posture of climbing. auto belay experience  
2 90min endurance route(basic): traverse, grip etc. Yeongnam Alps
International Climbing Center
3 90min endurance route(advance): outside step, opposition etc.
4 90min Indoor top rope 1: anchor installation, basic belay
5 90min Indoor top rope 2: foot change, balance, under
6 90min Indoor top rope 3: applied climbing
7 90min Indoor top rope: route finding, breathing, recovery during climbing
8 90min Bouldering game
Schedule(period, location)
Class Date Location
Summer Class 1 15:00~16:30 6.26.(Tue.), 6.28.(Thu.), 7.3.(Tue.), 7.5.(Thu.),
7.10.(Tue.), 7.12.(Thu.), 7.17.(Tue.), 7.19.(Thu.)
Yeongman Alps
Climbing Center
Class 2 15:00~16:30 7.24.(Tue.), 7.26.(Thu.), 7.31.(Tue.), 8.2.(Thu..),
8.7.(Tue..), 8.9.(Thu.), 8.14.(Tue.), 8.16.(Thu.)
  • ※ Subject to change due to operation circumstances
  • - Participating over 6 times out of 8
  • - personal hygiene items(incl. towel), personal items, sports wear, sneakers, etc.
  • - HwanWook Kim (sports@unist.ac.kr, 052-217-4324)