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  • - Cultivate creative thinking ability via understanding movement in silence
  • - Encourage concentration, confidence and achievement through the acquisition of basic skills of the Korean archery
Number of Attendees
  • - 30 people
Semester Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
no. 15 - 15 - 30
  • - Etiquette education, basic skills, how to play Korean archery, individual & group competition, etc.
Class Time Contents Note
1st 120min. OT and safety education, introduction and audio-visual training of the Korean archery Uljugun
2nd 120min. Etiquette education, field safety rules, basic posture education(carrying a bow case, raising arrows, etc.), pulling bow without arrow
3rd 120min. Traditional law education, reviewing basic posture, sending arrows(30m target), understanding Korean archery
4th 120min. Reviewing basic posture, training game rules, demonstration of raising Horn Bow, understanding bow and arrows, shooting arrows(30m target)
5th 120min. 30m individual competition and group competition
6th 120min. 145m target challenge
7th 120min. 145m target challenge
8th 120min. 145m individual competition and completion ceremony
Session Date Location
Spring Class 1 2024. 3. 11. ~ 5. 20.(Mon.) 16:00 ~ 18:00 (8 times) Gohunjung
Fall Class 1 2024. 9. 9. ~ 11. 18.(Mon.) 16:00 ~ 18:00 (8 times)
  • ※ Schedules may change according to the center’s situations
  • - Attend more than 7 lectures, submit review
  • - Sportswear, sneakers, etc.
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