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Sport Climbing


  • - Cultivating confidence and challenging spirit through climbing
Number of Attendees
  • - 30 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
- 30 - - 30
Activity Contents
  • - Basic education in gymnasium, artificial climbing education etc
  • - Yeongnam Alps International Climbing Center lesson, bouldering games etc
Class Time Contents Remarks
1st 90min Basic posture of climbing. auto belay experience Yeongnam Alps International Climbing Center
2nd 90min Endurance route(basic): traverse, grip etc.
3rd 90min Endurance route(advance): outside step, opposition etc.
4th 90min Indoor top rope 1: anchor installation, basic belay
5th 90min Indoor top rope 2: foot change, balance, under
6th 90min Indoor top rope 3: applied climbing
7th 90min Actual top rope: route finding, breathing, recovery during climbing
8th 90min Bouldering game
Schedule(period, location)
Class Date Location
Summer Class 1 15:00~16:30 June. Tue. & Thu, (8 times) Yeongman Alps
Climbing Center
Class 2 15:00~16:30 July. Tue. & Thu, (8 times)
  • ※ Schedule can be changd due to operation circumstances
  • - Participating more than 6 times
  • - Personal hygiene items, sneakers, sports wear etc.
  • - HwanWook Kim (sports@unist.ac.kr, 052-217-4324)