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  • - Acquisition of basic refinement through swimming, improve physical skills
Number of Attendees
  • - 30 people
Semester Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
Number 15 - 15 - 30
Activity Contents
  • - Basic swimming skills, water safety education, competition rule education, etc.
  • - Emergency situation management training through survival swimming education
  • - Resolve fear of water and improve physical fitness through healthy physical activity and Swimming theory and practice, 2 groups arranged by level
Class Time Contents(Example of beginner course) Remarks
1st 120min Precautions in pool and safety education UNIST swimming pool
2nd 120min Introductory to swimming and basic theory of freestyle swimming / floating, basic breathing
3rd 120min Freestyle kick, basic breathing, submergence
4th 120min Freestyle kick, basic breathing, basic arm movement
5th 120min Basic arm movement in freestyle, freestyle combination, freestyle breathing
6th 120min Freestyle combination, freestyle using one arm, improving freestyle
7th 120min Freestyle 25m, introduction to backstroke
8th 120min Introduction to backstroke, backfloat, backstroke kick
  • ※ Master course and rescue swimming will be educated to which are able to do breaststroke swimming
Schedule(period, location)
Class Date Location
Spring Class 1 Wed. 16:00~18:00 (8 times) Lecture room and
swimming pool
Fall Class 1 Wed. 16:00~18:00 (8 times)
  • - Participating more than 6 times, (If requested) submitting report or review
  • - Swimming suit, swimming cap, swimming goggles, etc