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CA Mentorship


  • - Supporting for the adaption of Freshmen School life
  • - Developing leadership for students and strengthening their capacities as CA mentors
  • - Enhancing cooperation skills through creativity and consensus building
Number of Attendees
  • - 566 people
Semester Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
Number 460 - 40 66 566
Activity Contents
  • - Team leader Pre-education(Winter Semester)
  • - Performing designated activities by Freshman Support Center and theme activity
  •      * Freshman activity: Team leader life-consult, Consulting with Advisor
  •      * Theme activity: Culture Exploration, Sports Science Research
Schedule(Spring Semester)
Period Contents Details
Winter Semester Team Leader
Freshman Support Center, Freshman Student community
Before Spring
Discussion on
Activity plan
Theme Discussion
* Freshman Support Center,
Freshman Student community
Mar. 4th week Planning Activity Activity Plan Submission
Conducting Orientation
Preparing Team activity Preparing steps on activity
Mar. 2nd week
Apr. 1st week
~ May. 4th week
Team activity Team activity.
Freshman activity To be announced
Jun. 1st week Result briefing session Result briefing session
Note life consult by team 2times per term(March, May)
Consulting with Advisor Team 2times,
1time(during the semester)
※ Details of Designated activities by Freshman Support Center: To be announced
  • ※ Fall Semester: To be announced
  • - Following operation department(Freshman Support Center)