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  • - Enhancing teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness via team sports
  • - Improving cooperation, endurance, and consideration as a researcher
Number of Attendees
  • - 100 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
50 - 50 - 100
Activity Contents
  • - Rowing safety education(3hours), training on land(3hours), training on water(10hours)
  • - Rowing machine and riding training
Class Time Contents Remarks
1st 60min OT and Safety Education Lecture room
120min Ergometer usage, Basic Technique Education Gymnasium
2nd 90min Row machine posture training and personal
record measurements
90min Relay and mission complete by team
3rd 30min Mooring safety education and warm-up Taehwa River
30min Boat carring, riding and oar phase technique
60min Introducing each position, stroking 2,4,8 handling
60min Balance maintaining, handling, boat berthing
4th 180min Boat long-distance tour and practice match
 ※ Watch rowing episode of 'Infinite challenge' before and after activity, assignment submission
Classes Date Location
Spring Class 1 3.15.~4.5. Fri. 9:00~12:00 (4 times) Gymnasium and
Taehwa River
Class 2 4.26.~5.17. Fri. 9:00~12:00 (4 times)
Fall Class 1 8.30.~9.20. Fri. 9:00~12:00 (4 times)
Class 2 10.4.~11.8. Fri. 9:00~12:00 (4 times)
  • ※ Boat training 7:00~12:00(2 times)
  • - Participating in rowing activity 4 times and passing rowing machine test, submitting assignment
  • - Sports wear, sneakers, personal hygiene items, hat, sun block, sun glasses etc