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Special Leadership lectures


  • - Providing opportunities to cultivate liberal arts skills for leaders via sincere communication about life and philosophy with experts of various areas
  • ※ This program will be conducted in Korean Language
Number of Attendees
  • - 300 people
Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
150 - 150 - 300
Activity Contents
  • - Special lectures by specialists in each field and free question and answer
  • - Some classes may be added from other departments in the school such as Division of General Studies`s AHS lectures.
Schedule(period, location)
Session Date Remarks Place
Spring 1st 3.21. (Thu) 16:00~17:15 김지윤(피리연주자) "피리, 클래식을 만나다" LIB 104
2nd 3.28. (Thu) 16:00~17:15 지영석(엘스비어 회장) "Soft Skill의 가치"
3rd 4.25. (Thu) 16:00~17:15 방은진(영화감독) "라마야 기다려"
4th 5.16. (Thu) 16:00~18:00 인디언 수니(가수) "바람이 전하는 말"
5th 5.30. (Thu) 16:00~17:15 백수린(소설가) "문학의 자리"
Fall To be confirmed(Fall) Inviting experts each society field To be confirmed(Fall)
  • - The detailed time for the Fall semester will be confirmed later.
  • - This program will be conducted in Korean.
  • - The lecturer will be announced later
  • - schedule can be changed according to instructor's circumstances
  • - The class dated May 30th will be implemented by Division of General Studies
  • - 1AU will be given when you participate 4 or more sessions out of 6
  • - The attendance check is necessary before and after lecture.
  • - Attendance check(Before class): 15:45~16:05(No entering after 16:05)
  • - Attendance check(After class): checking the attendance after the finishing the class
  • - ID card (to check attendance)