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First Aid


  • - Enhancing safety awareness for students living in environments where safety hazards exist, such as laboratories
  • - Enhancing community spirit and thoughtfulness by learning basic concept of First Aid
Number of Attendees
  • - 40 people
Semester Spring Summer Fall Winter Total
no. 20 - 20 - 40
  • - Korean Red Cross First Aid general course
Class Time contents Note
1st 60min. Necessity of First Aid
How to act in case of emergency
Korean Red Cross
60min. Respiratory and circulatory systems(heart attack)
60min. CPR
60min. How to use AED
2nd 60min. Respiratory obstruction by foreign substance
60min. Wounds(hemostasis, infection, etc.)
60min. Dressing and bandages(roll bandages, etc.), fracture treatment
60min. Addiction(ingestion, inhalation, contact, infusion)
Session Date location
Spring Class 1 3.18.(Sat.), 3.25.(Sat.) 12:00~18:00 (2 times) UNIST
Fall Class 1 11.4.(Sat.), 11.11.(Sat.) 12:00~18:00 (2 times)
  • - Attend over 90% of all lectures, 1AU will be given after finishing team assignment
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